Main features

Main features to know before booking a course

IMPERIAL PARTNERS, LTD. introduces you to the main features of our courses before to buy them. What things do you have to know?.

1.- financing the payment

For high-ticket courses you can finance them through the following 2 ways until €3.000,00 of maximum amount financed:

  • Short-term financing: 3 months in 3 consecutive payments at o% of interest. For example: course price = €1.200,00 then short financing will be €400,00 per month for 3 next months.

  • Long-term financing: you only pay €50,00 per month at o% of interest for 24, 48 months or more time depending of the price of the course. Just the first payment will be always of €300,00 or equivalent currency.

  • you are able to pay by financing and cash ways with transfer wire, debit | credit card, paypal, apple pay, google pay, giropay, alipay and multibanco. all are secure payments.

2.- My offers and discounts

IMPERIAL PARTNERS Ltd. offers to you some offers and discounts every month, then what do you have to keep in mind? 

  • I am not sure to book my course here and I need to think and to compare with anothers. so, at this time you can make a pre-booking with €110,00 then we will keep your discount for 3 months, in order to give you more time to think it.

3.- How long is my course?

Finance course: 

  • The first block of the Stock Market Course has a teaching period of 12 weeks and the second block of 12 months, extendable with no cost.
  • For the Face-to-face and Streaming modalities, the first level (beginner) begins on the first week of each month, for the second level (advanced) and the third level (professional) they take place in alternate months throughout the year.
  • The Streaming modality is live and direct with a speaker and students from our training platform, and the On-site one from our classrooms some cities in europe, latin america and usa. For the online Campus modality you have 12 weeks for the first block at your own pace and if you need more time do not worry we will enable the campus as much as you need depending on your availability.

E-commerce course: 

  • 12 months-program | 300 hours. Firstly, we start with initial training in E-Commerce, E-Business, Dropshipping, Dropservicing, Marketplace. 100% practical. Secondly, we keep going to create an International company with the following: Brand design, web / store / app, company registration, billing control … until take off in 12 months.

4.- Is a college level required?

Absolutely not. The Finance and Ecommerce course is designed to start with little or no knowledge in Business, you can start the course from zero. Above all, it is imperative that you get fully involved in your own business for guaranteed success in 12 months.

5.- Main goals

They are several: you will be able to understand digital markets, businesses, you will be able to carry out control of several companies and diversify your income, be financially free and grow succesfully from anywhere around the world.

6.- Why us

Imperial partners offers you an expertise team with over 25 years in finance and business with international partnerships who help you in all the way of your learning and growth.

6.- Return policy

Imperial partners ltd. reserves the right to cancel orders that contain typographical and arithmetic errors, as well as those that are missing required information or contain erroneous information. in these cases, imperial partners ltd. will return the amount paid, once the purchase has been canceled, by the same means by which the payment was processed. returns are not allowed once the purchase has been made. this is valid for any product including the purchase of stock market courses, both face-to-face and online