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UPDATED DATE: MAY 1st, 2021,


(1) IMPERIAL PARTNERS, LTD. (hereinafter IMPERIAL PARTNERS) with the domain name  (hereinafter the “WebSite”), with registration nº ICC20200626 and headquarters at Office No. 2D, 10th Floor, RAKEZ Amenity Center Tower 2 Al Hamra Industrial Zone – FZ Ras Al Khaimah PO Box 86405 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES and Email, and phone (+971) 525 507 922.






(2) You, acting on your own behalf (hereinafter “Ambassador”).


The Parties, in the capacity in which they intervene, claim to have the necessary legal capacity to understand the general, legal and Tax terms of this professional relationship and, by virtue,



1.- Description

  • I. IMPERIAL PARTNERS LTD offers to the user the possibility of being an Ambassador of the ASTON DEALERS brand with the Fidelity card named Scudo Card™, is the Loyalty Card with the following exclusive features: monthly bonuses, preferential discounts in associated Partners, unlimited access to our online training platform Academy Hub, And how could it be otherwise, receive VIP and brand gifts at any time.


  • II. Whereas SCUDO CARD™ is 100% digital accessed from the App of your phone in the PlayStore (for smartphones) and from the URL: (FOR IPHONES – do not forget to save this link on the desktop of your phone). With your username and password you have 24/7 secure access to see your balance, to make new recharges, withdrawals and to view your bonuses at everytime.


  • III. WHEREAS SCUDO CARDis NOT a Financial Product, BUT a Marketing Product. The Loyalty Card that gives you exclusive privileges and advantages for your work as Ambassador of the “ASTON DEALERS” brand through your closest and digital environment. The task is to build loyalty with the international public and spread the training services internationally.


  • IV. WHEREAS SCUDO CARD has 3 categories depending on the balance. If the balance is between €500 ($) and €4,999 ($), you receive the Basic card; from €5,000 ($) to €49,999 ($) you receive the Gold card; from €50,000 ($) onwards you receive the Platinum card. Available for Individuals, Professionals and Companies around the world.

2.- Essential advantages

  • We describe below the following advantages that you should know in detail and that you receive for being our ASTON DEALERS brand Ambassador with total exclusivity:


    • First, freely buy products and services at any of our Associated Partners with special and exclusive discounts. To do this, you only have to identify yourself with your card and this way our Partner will be able to recognize you.

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    • Second, you have unlimited access to online education in the IMPERIAL PARTNERS Academy Hub within to an extensive training content from luxury companies such as: ASTON DEALERS, KHAN ACADEMY, HARVARD UNIVERSITY, COURSERA AND GOOGLE LEARNING.

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    • Third, you can choose a BRAND GIFT with your customized name whenever you want with the merch of the ASTON DEALERS brand, as well as the VIP GIFT (luxury gifts) that can be physical or experiences that you will share with whoever you want. All VIP GIFTS always require additional recharges.

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    • Fourth, you receive a bonus as Ambassador of 2%, 3% and 4% of monthly average depending on the category of your card: Basic, Gold or Platinum respectively.


3.- You must know

  • Remember, login to your client area with your credentials (you received first time) from any device to see the balance, settlements (recharges and withdrawals) and bonuses month by month in a simple way.

Go Login:álisis-sesion?back=my-account

  • Remember that the minimum recharge the first time you activate your card is €500 ($) and the minimum to make new recharges when you are already an Ambassador will be €100 ($).

Go Fidelity card:

  • To make a partial withdrawal or all your amount then you can do it any month from the 1st to the 10th, it is very important to be punctual with these deadlines otherwise it will be canceled automatically. Any withdrawal is requested from your client area, once made our system groups your request along with the rest of the requests during the period from 1 to 10, and they will be grouped to proceed to make a battery of transfers in a single day (between 8th and 10th of the current month). Also, know that the maximum limit for monthly withdrawals is €50,000 ($), that is, the total sum of all withdrawals cannot exceed this amount and the minimum number of withdrawals is €250 per client and request. Only in the event that the sum of all withdrawals exceeds the established limit, then the amounts will be reduced equitably until reaching the established limit to comply with all requests. It is mandatory to take 2 of the 4 options that we describe in section: *What should you do as an ambassador? And finally, according to the number of ambassadors that the company has nowadays and the volume of monthly withdrawals of any user, we cannot prioritize withdrawals based on individual financial needs in any case, everyone has the right to withdraw any month.


  • Your Scudo Card™ is Solidarity because we are committed to high value-added foundations such as Khan Academy, and it is Sustainable because it is totally digital.


  • When you want to get a BRAND GIFT (Merchandising Gift: AD logo + your name) you can ask for it with any additional recharge you make; In case you want to receive a VIP GIFT (Luxury) then you should know what is the minimum necessary recharge that we have established for you; In our list you will know your minimum additional recharge and once done, you will receive your GIFT at home within a period of nearby 15 days (as long as our associated Partners have enough stock, otherwise you can change your GIFT for another of the same amount). For VIP GIFTS, the required amount of money will remain on your card for 6 months, that is, said amount cannot be withdrawn during that period. If within 1 month after your recharge you will not be able to ask for any GIFT, we will understand that you are not interested and therefore you will not have the right to claim any gift after 30 days.


  • *What should you do as an Ambassador? Choose at least 2 of the following 4 options:
    • Reviews in Google: your comments and your opinions are very important for our future clients, they help us to improve web positioning and reinforce our international presence. Access here.
    • Writedown to the bio of your social media with the following: “My Reliable Academy:”. Available social networks: Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter.
    • Publish in the status of your WhatsApp: “My Reliable Academy:”.
    • Only for companies, publish on your website “My Reliable Academy + Logo with link (”

Legal and Tax

This fidelity card is a Marketing product created and designed by ASTON DEALERS, it makes you a Brand Ambassador. This trigger that each of the invoices issued for both recharges and withdrawals are made from IMPERIAL PARTNERS Ltd:


Recharges: In all your recharges you will receive an invoice in your client area with tax exemption, whether you are a natural person, a freelance or a company. You cannot deduct it for tax purposes.


Withdrawals: As a natural person and citizen of any country (except the United Arab Emirates) you receive for each withdrawal an invoice in your client area exempt from taxes. And for spanish people, you should know that you are obliged to sign up for RETA and pay the self-employed only if the withdrawal of your annual bonuses exceeds €9,080.40, if you do not reach that amount, it is not necessary to sign up. In addition, in Spain, it is important to present Form 347 when your bonus withdrawals exceed €3,005 and Form 130 if bonus withdrawals exceed 70% of all your income, taxing 20% of the bonuses received and withdrawn. Laws change every year, since taxation is very important, we recommend that you are well advised by your reliable lawyer.

        • If you are a professional (freelance) you must issue an invoice to IMPERIAL PARTNERS Ltd with the following concept: “Loyalty card bonuses”. address: “No. 2D, 10th Floor, RAKEZ Amenity Center Tower 2 Al Hamra Industrial Zone – FZ Ras Al Khaimah P.O. Box 86405 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES with license number ICC20200626”; Telephone: (+971) 525 507 922; Email: Exempt from value added tax and other withholdings, while in the case of Spain, present Form 347 for amounts greater than € 3,005 and Form 130 always.


        • If the Ambassador is a small company or a large company then you will make an invoice to IMPERIAL PARTNERS Ltd with the following concept: “Loyalty card bonuses”. address: “No. 2D, 10th Floor, RAKEZ Amenity Center Tower 2 Al Hamra Industrial Zone – FZ Ras Al Khaimah P.O. Box 86405 UNITED ARAB EMIRATES with license number ICC20200626 ”; Telephone: (+971) 525 507 922; Email: You are obliged to include the value added tax and it will be included in the withdrawal amount, then you must declare it according to your country of residence.